Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: iwearUP

UP adalah brand sepatu yang pertama kali gue beli online. Rada ketar-ketir awalnya, takut barang gak sesuai foto, ukuran kegedean atau kekecilan. I know Diana Rikasari, the owner, as a fashion blogger yet a shoes fetish. Never thought that she's gonna established an online shop, specializing on shoes, wedges type exactly. She quit her job to organize her shoes line.

I even wrote about her and her quirky style for Bisnis Indonesia Weekly. She posted the article at her Hot Chocolate and Mint blog.

She launched UP Shoes at the end of 2010. I fell at the first sight for its Stella, as described on the web, The casual sandals with sprinkles. Stella always has her dinner on-time. 

It cost me Rp245.000 back in those year. It was my first online purchased shoes. Then, after the first shopping, i started to what i called "shoes craving" for every UP shoes. But i always buy the a pair of shoes that i like, not because of the latest one.

Now, i have Stella brown, Tree brown, Candi Caramel, Amelie Beige, and the latest Ayu Caramel. About Candi Caramel, i got it for free because of UP Twitter contest. I won a pair of shoes which i could choose by myself, anything. 

What i like most
Sepatunya supeeerrrrr nyaman! Baik yang bermodel wedges maupun heels. I feel no pain at all wearing these shoes for hours. Naik-turun jembatan TransJakarta, berdiri di dalamnya atau di Kopaja dan Metro Mini. Gak capek sama sekali. Lumayan awet untuk kualitas bahan dan heels/wedges.

UP is very service oriented. It happened to me twice. I broke my Tree brown when i wearing it for the first time. Lem strap-nya mengelupas di salah satu sisi sepatu. I emailed the CS, complaining about the glue quality. They offered me to return back the shoes to be repaired, FOR FREE! I needed only pay the shipment fee to UP. Less than 2 weeks, i got my repaired Tree, :)

The second time is yeah, still the same problem with Tree, Amelie beige's strap was out of its composition. I emailed them again, consult about the damage. They answered, to return back the shoes to be repaired, FOR FREE! AGAIN!

My Amelie beige came back to me after being repaired for almost 2 weeks. It looked new allover. UP even gave me a hair pin. So lovely, :')

They sometimes give freebies by doing quiz thru Twitter. And regularly tease us with special discount. 

By those experiences, i declare UP as one of the best local shoes brand. It's more than a pair of shoes, it's their service to their customer. They handle us, the fussy customers, very lenient, very well. And they compliment us when reporting how lovely the shoes are.

What i dislike
Dear UP, i suggest you to put silica gel inside the shoes box. It will prevent the shoes from being covered with mold. Please, i'm begging you. *puppy eyes
Sincerely, your admirer.

Go grab the shoes, if it match with your style!



  1. aq juga udah punya 4 koleksi UP dalam kurun waktu 6 bulan terakhir :D ada lucy pink sky, loulou black, kyle black and betty brown..
    beneran bikin mupeng produknya...

    1. UP itu merek sepatu lokal favorit deh. Tapi makin ke sini, harganya naik dan koleksi lama juga ada adjustment harga.

  2. akupunn punya up, tapi cuma satu dan awet banget sampe sekarang beli sekitar tahun 2012-an deh kayanya cuma tali gespernya aja yang lepas. satu lagi rikwesannya, plis kalo pake gesper pake yg instan ga usah yang manual di pas-pasin. ribet T_T

    pengen sih beli lagi cuuma suami kurang suka model wedges gitu. tapi mau beli lagi dah kepuasan pribadi wkwkwkwk galau gini

    1. Hahaha iya tali gespernya suka bikin ribet. Sekarang belum beli lagi karena belum nemu yang cocok buat dipakai ke kantor, hehehe.


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