Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: ETUDE Pomegranate Mask

I was inspired by some beauty bloggers in writing review of beauty products. It was my sister Winta, persuade me to read some beauty product reviews from beauty blogger before deciding what beauty product to buy. My favorite beauty blogger is Stella Lee.

So, here's my first beauty product review. I bough these ETUDE mask a few months ago but forget to use it. I bought it from online shop Vichi Beauty at Multiply for Rp10.000 each of it. Compare to its official store, it costs Rp27.000-Rp28.000 for an item.

When reading the direction, thanks God it has English written on it, not only Korean. I have to put in my clean face. Because i haven't showered yet, jeez, i washed my face with Clean & Clear facial wash.

I opened the seal then i found out the mask was quite wet and sticky. I put it on my face, it felt cold at first. But felt comfortable later. I had to wear the mask for 20-30 minutes. Later, it the wet mask became dry because the liquid absorbed to the skin.

I felt my face moist and soft. It was surely fresh after wearing the mask. It was funny, i chose not to wash my face when taking a bath. Then i felt like no bath at all without washing my face. Hahahaha.

My fiance kissed my cheek, he said i smelled good, yes my unmasked face. Glad to know he liked it, :)

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